Welcome to my Website!

Well, hello there! Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy reading, I’m always open to feedback 🙂 You can read my posts, get in touch with me directly, visit my store or manage your account.

About me

I’m just a simple guy from Sheffield (England) looking to share my opinion, help some people and make friends online. I sell some items on eBay, and some things in my own store.

I’m always open to feedback on my website and services, or just for a chat! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have anything to say 🙂

Recent Posts

Here’s a short list of my most recent posts, hope you like them!

  • CoD Warzone: Sneezon 6
    Warzone’s Season 6 update is a total mess. Let’s discuss that.
  • TalkLife Update
    Today I’m issuing a semi-retraction of my previous post about TalkLife.
  • New project & Store!
    An announcement about my new store and upcoming project
  • When Security Goes Too Far
    Let’s talk about yesterday’s unnecessary downtime – and how silly I am 🤦‍♂️