About Me

I’m just a simple guy from Sheffield (England) looking to share my opinion, help some people and make friends online. I sell some items on eBay, and I post my thoughts & opinions from time to time.

I’m always open to feedback on my website and services, or just for a chat! Don’t hesitate to get in touch through my social media accounts (linked below) if you have anything to say 😄

About My Website

My website is built using the HUGO Static-Site Generator, and includes an installation of YOURLS. The theme I’m using (Hermit by Track3) and YOURLS are both licensed under MIT. The original licenses for these products are available here and here (respectively).

My website is not open source; I (Brandon Powell) am the exclusive copyright holder. However, you can contribute on GitHub if you see errors on my site or would like to suggest a change. Additionally, as-per GitHub’s TOS, you can fork my repository and create derivative works, so long as said works do not violate my rights under copyright law. This includes (but is not limited to) acts such as redistributing my unmodified work, suggesting being my original website and plagiarising posts and/or pages.

Derivative works do not need to accredit me in any way, track changes or choose any specific license, under the condition that my rights are not violated.