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COVID-19… Again

COVID-19 has caused the temporary shutdown of my company…

So – it happened…. COVID-19 has forced the shutdown of S-City Tech… A partnership in which I am a founding partner.

This following the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier tonight – full details are on this post on the official blog.

I’ve personally put a lot of planning and effort into avoiding this as long as possible over a period of weeks – and so has my business partner. All dispersed in a 5 minute announcement.

I must admit that in my previous post about COVID-19, I underestimated the situation quite significantly.

Although, I do wander – with the lack of income that so much of the population is facing right now, what exactly is going to happen when the credit cards request their overdue payments, the landlords request their overdue rent, and all our bills that we all run up while we’re on lockdown are demanded by the creditor. What happens then?

It remains to be seen, I suppose. We’ll soon find out.

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