Eating My Words

Linux isn’t what I thought it was…

Well, this is quite the turn of events…

My last post The Dark Side of Linux, opened my eyes when I was doing research for the content in that post.

There are some drawbacks with the Linux community that I knew existed, but was oblivious to the severity of them. Take this for a perfect example;

Banned from Arch Linux forums

Why did they ban me? Because I made a post they didn’t like. Here’s what it said:

Hi guys, I’ve got a question that I’m sure you’ve probably had before, about the reputation of this distribution.

I’m posting this to get a bit of first-hand context so that I don’t post to my blog over a simple bad start.

Obviously, this distribution has a reputation of being somewhat elitist. In my experience, this could be true. I’ve joined the IRC and been completely ignored, I’ve posted on forums about a PulseAudio sound issue that the wiki troubleshooting section didn’t help with, and of course I’ve seen some of the things Arch Linux users say on forums and in YouTube videos.

At times, it can seem like being new to this community is not allowed in the court of peers, because users who have come over from things like Debian with different packages & commands and are new to Arch can run out of luck with the ArchWiki, and then the users can sometimes be downright rude to this new user just because they aren’t as familiar with Arch as the other users are.

What are your thoughts about this?

My Original Post on the Arch User Forums

I received a few replies, but before I got chance to read all of them I was banned 🙁 If you can see, the link is: – the Respect heading of the Code of Conduct page. What exactly did I say that was disrespectful?

During my research, I saw that this really isn’t an uncommon attitude amongst the various Linux communities which is really sad. Linux itself has so much potential, so much to offer, and then the communities do things like this shocking often.

It’s really disappointing, and probably why Linux isn’t more popular.

Even in YouTube, some of the biggest Linux creators like Chris Titus Tech and DistroTube do the exact same thing, and it’s baffling.

What this means for my future with Linux

Honestly, I don’t know. One of Linux’s primary selling points with me was the communities. With that now trashed, I’m not sure what my OS will be on my new machine when it’s finished.

I mainly game, so I would consider Windows again, but at this point I’m so unfamiliar with Windows that I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of it. Plus, privacy is a concern for me.

I already know this machine doesn’t work well with Windows, there’s some kind of graphics driver issue with Windows and I can’t use my old AMD r9 280x in this rig inside of Windows because it flickers when using AMD’s own driver, but the same problem doesn’t occur in Linux – I used to dual-boot this machine.

Finally, my previous experiences with Windows have left a bad taste in my mouth. I remember there being IPv6 problems, update problems, driver problems, and it was just generally a mess.

I think, when I get my next machine I’ll initially install Windows 10. I’ll try it out, I’ll give it a fair chance. If I still can’t get along with it, I’ll dual-boot Linux Mint and Windows 10. Windows 10 for gaming, Linux Mint for productivity-type work.

Linux isn’t what I thought it was, and I can only apologise for advocating for it for so long without actually being familiar with it.

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