Free Blogs - Spam or Legit?

Against community guidelines

So, it turns out that Facebook doesn’t allow free blogs – it says they are “against community standards”, specifically, Section 4.18 – Spam.

I was going to change my blog’s URL to a paid one but I think it’ll be cool to maintain a zero-cost blog as long as I can and keep you guys in the know about how it goes, as well as show at least a few people that “Free” does NOT translate to “Fake”.

I don’t think it’s fair for Facebook to assume that anything free is fake, especially given as Facebook accounts are free – slight paradox anyone?

Of course, we’ve got to accept that a high percentage of fake accounts will use free software as,well, it’s free, but that doesn’t invert well. I.E. most fake blogs are free, but most free blogs aren’t fake – and it’s not fair to assume that they are.

Just a quick and short rant today, but I’ve got more exciting posts lined up! Stay tuned and I’ll see you soon.


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21-03-2020 22:58 +0000