Future of my Website

A quick breakdown of what’s going on behind-the-scenes.

Hey everyone! So, as you may have noticed with my new editor, the re-design and everything else, there’s a bright future for my blog/website! I still can’t tell you all about the plans I have because of my agreement in the old S-City Tech partnership.

However, I can share the changes this website has gone through in the last few days, so let’s discuss shall we?

Where are all the posts?

I know you’re all asking that… Well, I’ve been working on the technical side of the site a lot recently, as well as the static pages like the Home page, Privacy Policy and more. Things will pick up, but right now there’s much to be done!

Besides, me and my editor are working on a big post together. A follow-up to a post that I made a while ago now, that maybe I shouldn’t have… But I’m not removing it – you’ll find out why when the new post comes out in a few days!

So what have I been changing then?

Oh, lot’s! I now actually have a semi-decent home page, a new Privacy Policy, comments and accounts now work differently, and I’m working on the About page of the site at the same time as this post.

You’ll also note my social links now work, so you can get in touch with me easier. Plus, I’ve added a contact form to the website – so now you’ve got no excuses! 😆

I’ve also improved the menu, there actually IS a menu on mobile now… Oops 🙄 You can now also log in or out and view or change your profile via the menu.

Finally, I’ve added my GiffGaff affiliate link to the footer of my site. Now, this WAS NOT a decision I took lightly. I’ll make a dedicated post explaining my reasons for the affiliate link and my thoughts on GiffGaff in general, though – so for now… I added it, let’s move on.

Thanks for reading! I hope to see you when the new post comes out in a few days!

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