My Thoughts On Hyperscape

Hey everyone! I recently got access to Hyper Scape and I’ve spent quite a lot of hours in mathces – so here’s what I think of the Tech Preview:

DISCLAIMER: I’m aware that this is a Technical Preview! The developers are asking for feedback on the technical side of the game, not necasarily the gameplay itself.

With that in mind, I think the game is quite well done on a technical level, I like how smooth the connections seem to be, I like the way they’ve added the ability to fuse hacks and weapons for upgrades and I like the departure from circular gameplay. However I have one complaint – I can’t be sure if this issue is related to NetCode or unbalanced gunplay.

90% of the time I’ve died in Hyper Scape, it’s been an instant kill. Whether from the Skybreaker or the Mammoth or even the Protocol V. As I mentioned, it’s not clear if this is due to NetCode bugs as have been commonplace in Battlefield games as long as I can remember, or if the weapon balance simply needs to be tweaked.

Otherwise, I don’t tend to like games in Hyper Scape’s fast-moving, fast-dying, vertical-combat, keep-moving-or-die style but something about Hyper Scape makes dying repeatedly before you even know where the enemy is strangely enjoyable.

However, weapon balance certainly does need tweaking. The Hexfire (which is a minigun-equivalent) is completely incapable of doing any meaningful damage thanks to it’s low damage of 4/shot and the fact that the longer you hold the trigger, the less accurate your shots become until you release the trigger and allow a short time for the weapon to ‘reset’. This being while everything else can kill you before you even have chance to process the fact that you’re being shot at in the first place.

I also believe that the cool-down times on Hacks (abilities) need to be universally longer - just by a little bit. In general, though – the concept of Hyper Scape and a lot of the principles it’s aiming to achieve seem very good and well thought-out to me, personally.

Thanks for reading!