Linux Mint 20 Isn't For Me

Being the Linux enthusiast I am (or at least I’d like to think I am) – as soon as I saw the Linux Mint 20 beta was out I leapt at it.

Should I have done that? Probably not honestly. But I did anyway 😆

However, sadly there’s too much that just doesn’t work in Mint 20 right now.


Let’s start with Software – I need a markdown editor, I use it for work and for some of my personal sites, too. But there’s a lot of dependencies it (and other software packages) require that have been removed from the repositories… Why? I’m not really sure…


I don’t like to think of myself as a judgemental person and in most circumstances I give both people and things chances before I come to a conclusion about them. I really just can’t do that with Ubuntu 20.04, which Linux Mint 20 is based on.

The Snap Store issues (which, come to think of it, could be why the dependencies aren’t available anymore 🙄) combined with the data collection occurences, the closed-source and some of the hypocrasy they demonstrate, I just can’t trust a system based on that with my personal data – however hard I’ve tried.

Software Problems

In Linux Mint 20, the ability to dual-boot has been restricted quite heavily. It forces you to use a specific configuration when dual-booting now, which is that the menu has to appear for 30 seconds. Changing the option has no effect.

This was also true in Linux Mint 19.3, but it could be overridden. In Mint 20, that override has been removed.

Closing Remarks

On top of issues installing new software, some driver issues and a few more little things, Linux Mint 20 just doesn’t work for me. What do you think to Mint 20? Let me know in the socials linked below!


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17-06-2020 01:00 +0000