My Experience With Three

For those of you who aren’t in the know, Three is a mobile carrier in the UK – and an awful one at that. Let me explain…

I began a 24 month (2 year) contract with Three after I dropped my Samsung Galaxy S7 and the screen was badly damaged. The repair cost would’ve been over £100 which I simply couldn’t afford at the time. The package I had with Three was 20gb of data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts with a Huawei P30 handset for £35 / month.

Three’s service was, dare I say, quite decent for the first 3 months (the irony of that has only just dawned on me) – after that, it was completely unacceptable.

I first contacted Three on the 20th January to say that I’d discovered I had a problem with SMS messages – it was quite unusual to be fair. My calls and data worked fine, and I could send SMS messages to anyone, but I couldn’t receive them from anyone, wherever I was.

To be fair, I first went into a Three store as I was near one on the day anyway. The assistant manager spoke to me and he was very polite and professional. He tried changing settings, swapping my SIM into a different handset, replacing my SIM and all sorts. He was baffled, and he explained to me that he couldn’t help any further as that store wasn’t directly run by Three, it was franchised, meaning they didn’t have access to Three’s full system, and explained that I needed to phone the customer service line.

So I did – several times and I heard the same boilerplate answers every time – “restart your phone”, “reset your settings”, “try your sim in a different phone” and more. The advisors I spoke to were essentially ignoring what I was telling them, some were downright rude, and others didn’t understand or speak very good English.

I returned to the Three store after the problems, and the same assistant manager advised me to speak to the Customer Relations team, failing that, to go to the Communications Ombudsman. So, I went back home and over about 3 weeks, I was contacting the Customer Relations team, Customer Service team and the Technical team (which didn’t deserve that name in the slightest) – everyone kept saying they’d ‘get back to me’ and nobody ever did.

So I contacted the Ombudsman who drummed up a deal for me – I had to return the handset to Three undamaged by pre-paid post, and in return Three would waive the fee for early contract termination.

But, Three weren’t going to have those shenanigans. The pre-paid postage package they gave me wasn’t tracked, only insured. So, when they didn’t respond to me a month after I posted the parcel, I followed up with them several times and once again they said ‘they’ll get back to me’… But didn’t.

Thankfully, this has now been sorted. I presented my receipt of postage to the ombudsman, who forced Three to hold up there end of the deal and cancel my contract without the ETF.

Moral of the story; do yourselves a favour – avoid phone contracts. They are asking you to guarantee you’ll be able to pay the fee for years to come, which very few people can actually do – plus it’s very difficult for you to leave them so they don’t have to provide good service, so they often don’t.

I recommend GiffGaff, they have 30-day rolling packages that are decently priced and can be cancelled any time without a fee, free GiffGaff to GiffGaff calls and a lot more perks. For this reason, I’ve created an affiliate link with GiffGaff for you. If you order a FREE sim from that link and & activate your service, you’ll receive £5 bonus credit. Full disclosure, so will I.

Thanks for reading! Talk to you guys soon.


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19-03-2020 20:03 +0000