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PS4 Game Sharing

A quick little bit demistifying the black art that is PS4 game sharing

Hi guys! I’ve just finished setting up a game share with my friend on PS4, we found that Sony’s site on what they call Share Play is a little bit misleading.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. Both users need to have PS+ if they’re on different consoles
  2. Each user needs to add each other’s account to their PS4 and sign in to it
  3. Both users need to set their console as the other’s Primary PS4 I.E. User 1’s console is user 2’s primary PS4 and vice versa
  4. And you’re done! To install games, however, you’ll need to sign in to the other user’s account and start the installation from there, but once it’s installed you can access it without issue!

Just remember, if either of you cancel your PS+ subscription, you’ll both lose access to games that you haven’t directly purchased!

Hope this helps someone, as we found the whole debacle a little confusing. Happy sharing!

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