My security post from a few days ago had an unexpected consequence…

Hey all, not good news today, I’m afraid. Following my announcement regarding security from a few days ago and the precautions I mentioned I took from within it, a wave of spam signups from websites such as has hit. These spam signups have created accounts, but not set passwords to them.

I’m not entirely certain what anyone hopes to gain by creating spam signups or bots to do it for them, but nonetheless it’s something that must not continue.

As a temporary measure, I’ve disabled user signups. I’m going to research adding some additional requirements to the user registration form, but until then, anyone who wishes to have an account (for example, to comment on my posts) can request one below:

Sign-ups no longer manual

Sign-ups have been re-enabled. There’s no need to send me any forms 🙂 Just go to the registration screen.

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