CoD: Warzone - Sneezon 6

Let’s talk about Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 6 update… It’s terrible 😆


By the time this post was written and published, a patch was released which fixed most issues which are mentioned

Season 6 has recently been released for Warzone – and it sucks. During Season 5 the game was generally in a good place, there weren’t any game-breaking issues, just some minor annoyances which is to be expected from any video game, let alone one of this scale.

However, the Season 6 update is in a class of it’s own – not in a good way. The Season 6 update was poised to be a great one, one of great progress and new features – but it totally flopped.

Let’s start with the fundamental reliability of the game on a technical level – it doesn’t exist right now 😆 On PC and consoles, Warzone currently has an issue where it’s disconnecting from servers and/or crashing out of the application entirely.

Next, the new fast-travel feature (the Verdansk subway) doesn’t quite work as intended. Some people have reported that after using the subway, they are unable to use their weapon. Others have reported that the subway does not skip stations which are in the gas as it is supposed to, and instead causes players to perish to the gas. Additionally, the gunfight detection feature doesn’t always work, players can and do use the system to escape firefights with other players.

Additionally, the new weapons are heavily unbalanced. The AS-VAL’s SPP ammunition option has seemingly-infinite penetration through game-world objects without any significant damage loss – and the SPR-208’s .300 norma and .338 lapua ammunition options have a complete lack of bullet drop and almost-instantaneous target connection.

As a result, if you join a Warzone game right now, you’ll find yourself being hung out to dry by SPR-208 marksman rifles here, there and everywhere in open environments, and indoors you’ll find snapshot grenades being thrown around almost every corner followed shortly after by accurate fire coming straight through a wall from a player you won’t even have seen yet, and probably can’t shoot back. Anywhere you go, you’ll find yourself in danger from one or sometimes both of these weapons.

But what really surprises me, how did Infinity Ward miss such grievous issues in their testing? It takes less than 5 games to realise that the server connections are buggy and the client is prone to crashing. And even 1 test with the weapons with the new ammo types would’ve revealed their balance issues.

I definitely hope that Season 7 has a much smoother launch, or if there’s still issues like these, it should be delayed until they are not necessarily “fixed” but under control – because season 6 is in complete shambles right now.

What’s your opinion? Would you prefer a Season launches on time with bugs as massive as these, or be delayed by a short time until the issues are less obstructive to the game? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading today. I’ll see you in two weeks with my next post 😄


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10-10-2020 06:49 +0000