Probably one of the most dangerous apps around…

This post has been retracted

This post has been retracted and remains available only for historic purposes. Please see the updated post.

Ever heard of the TalkLife app? If not, lucky you!

TalkLife advertises itself as an app for people with mental health problems and/or issues in their life to offload, make friends and get support from people in similar positions. But, as usual, the theory is very different to the practice.

In reality, posts get ignored, people are short-tempered and don’t understand anything you say, conversations end abruptly and you never hear from the other person again.

Perhaps the worst thing, sooo many users just consider the app a dating platform, which it simply isn’t – people are vulnerable on that app and many others know and even take advantage of that whilst the development team seem to essentially sit and watch it happen.

Just to add a neat little bow to the package of awfulness, consider this: you suffer from depression, schizophrenia or another mental health disorder, something dreadful and traumatising happens in your life you came across this TalkLife app, you post asking for help because you aren’t sure how to cope:

You take all the necessary steps, you choose a category, you fill in the information, you confirm your post’s options and you press ‘Post’ – TalkLife then shows you an advertisement.

How is this acceptable in any sense of the word? Sorry that this is another rant, but I just had to get this off my chest.

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