Thank You Linux!

Hi guys! So as I discussed in a previous post, I was on-the-fence about bothering with Linux when I built my new machine (this one) – but oh my life I’m sooo glad I held out.

It might surprise you to know the reason I use Linux isn’t necessarily because I ‘love’ it. Sorry to break it to you, but it’s an OS. It runs programs. Big whoop. But is, in fact, because I hate the way Windows works (or doesn’t in most cases). Especially Windows 10.

Take today for example. Let’s list the problems I’ve had in Windows 10 just today – bearing in mind I’ve only been awake 7 hours and for most of that I’ve been watching TV in Kodi or working on my companies website (both via Linux), so only a small portion of those 7 hours has actually been on Windows.

  1. Sound. I don’t know what it is with Windows, but there always seems to be something going wrong with the sound. Whether it’s crackling that doesn’t happen in Linux or a config problem or limitation, there’s always something. With me, Windows seems to change my mixer levels all the time. I started up Spotify to listen in the background while I played a quick game but I couldn’t hear Spotify, it took me a few minutes to discover that it was turned all the way down in the mixer 🙄
  2. Updates. Windows update is infuriating. I can be playing games or trying to download something, and suddenly, my CPU usage will skyrocket and my network will slow to a crawl – making games unplayable and causing downloads to fail. Why on earth does Windows update use that much CPU when I can play games with Spotify and a browser open in the background without issue?
  3. Windows Store. Yeah – I’m not even gonna go there. Just stop, Microsoft. It isn’t working.
  4. Performance overhead. In Windows, sitting on the desktop with ALL startup apps DISABLED and just after a fresh restart, CPU usage sits between 4% and 6% – which doesn’t sound like much, but my local Linux install sometimes doesn’t even register usage under the same circumstances. 0%-2% usage. And how on earth does doing nothing and having all apps closed shortly after a restart require 5GB of memory? What are you doing Microsoft? 🙄 I can go on and on and on about why Windows sucks but I think you get the point so I’ll see you in my soon-upcoming post!


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14-05-2020 01:13 +0000