Three Aren't Done Yet

I had a feeling it would happen, and it did. Today I received another email from Three saying that they were passing my details onto Ardent, a debt collection agency. No warning, just straight to collection. Even if I did actually owe it, that would be a pretty shady practice.

£572.06 they say I owe them. Isn’t that a load of bull****?

To be honest, I’m done trying to talk to anyone at Three. Very few of them seem to speak understandable English and those that do seem to be brain-dead circus monkeys. I’m just going to go straight back to the Ombudsman and update them on the latest developments then they can deal with it.

I must say, though – I feel like this is beginning to encroach on harassment territory. They should tread carefully. It would be cheaper to take them to court over the settlement of the fees and the distress of the whole ordeal than it would be to bow down and pay them. Nobody in their right mind would pay Three anything after what they’ve been doing.

What do you think will happen next? Lets wait and see…


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20-04-2020 22:34 +0000