End Of The Three Saga?

Hi again guys! So, I’ve heard back from the Ombudsman (sidenote: kudo’s for the quick response in spite of the lockdown!); they’ve informed me that they sent Three a cease & desist notice for billing me, and surely enough a Three “executive administrator” has contacted me saying the bill was “a mistake” (yeah, okay then 🙄) and that I can safely ignore the bill. In short, she waived it.

However, I’m not going to jump for joy just yet, Three have proved themselves scoundrels several times and I’ve been fooled enough times already.

But let that be your lesson: DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN PHONE CONTRACTS!!!!! Just save up for a new phone and be patient with the one you have if you possibly can. At the end of the day, what companies are doing is asking you to GUARANTEE with 100% certainty that you can pay that amount, EVERY SINGLE MONTH until your contract ends (which is usually 1.5 or 2 YEARS these days)… If I asked you that question you’d slap me. Don’t forget, these companies don’t care about their customer’s situations, all they care about is profit. If you aren’t paying them, they’re losing profit – that’s all they see.

Not to mention that they’ve got you locked in for that period of time – they don’t have to impress you with good customer service anymore they can just serve you the bare minimum so you don’t have cause to terminate the contract and then shut you up with credit toward your next bill when you complain, like Three did with me.

Which is why I recommend and support GiffGaff. I’ve been on-and-off their network for YEARS and I haven’t found any carrier that can compare. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve had some problems, but the thing I like about GiffGaff is how community-driven they are. If you have a problem there’s a whole forum of people who can help you. They offer rewards to people who help in their forums and people who offer suggestions that GiffGaff implement and quite a lot more. GiffGaff even had a big outage a few years ago and offered some payback points (payback can be redeemed as free credit, PayPal payments and more twice per year as their reward system) over the debacle. All the user had to do was claim it via the app or website, which they sent everyone links to via SMS and email so it’s not like they were discrete about it.

You can order a SIM via GiffGaff via my affiliate link and receive a free SIM card. If you activate it and top-up, you’ll receive £5 worth of payback (full disclosure, so do I). I also tend to offer help when I can via GiffGaff’s forums in my free time.

That’s all for now! Check back soon and I’ll have more posts for you!


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01-04-2020 22:31 +0000