Three Strikes Again

I really hate Three….

I was going to try and keep swearing off my blog, but Three – GO F*** YOURSELVES! 😡

Let me explain, a few days ago I released this post which summarised my history with Three. In that post, I said that everything was sorted – that was because my My3 account had been closed, and I received an email from the Ombudsman informing me that Three had reported they’d completed the deal we struck and sent me this PDF document via the ombudsman website:

Three’s Document

That document is dated the 16th March (9 days ago today) and on the 24th March (yesterday!) I received this is in the post (excuse the lack of quality, I don’t have a scanner):

Bill from Three

So in short, Three are bastards and I’m screwed. With COVID-19, there’s nobody at Three to contact in the first place right now (coincidence??? 😕 ) and even if they were, Three’s track record for customer service (at least with me) is non-existent.

How very fun….

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