What is URL-S?

On this page you can learn all about my creatively-named URL-S (URL-Shortener) service!

What does URL-S do?

My URL-S service is a relatively simple service for shortening URLs. Powered by YOURLS, it runs on the same server as this blog and translates ‘short’ URL’s to long ones; for example:

https://youtube.com/ could be translated to urls.bpowell.net/yt – not that it actually is. That’s a bad example because that URL isn’t any shorter, but there are some cases.

A better example could be if you made a free website using Wix (which I DO NOT recommend, by the way), your website would be located at username.wixsite.com/website – which could be shortened to urls.bpowell.net/username if you liked.

Why do I charge for this service?

The reason I charge for this service (but not a lot!) is simply because there’s no advertising to maintain it – not a single bit! Just click & go.

You or your visitors are also not required to sign in to visit these short URL’s and there’s no tracking of IP address or anything. The only tracking that happens is “1 more person clicked” – that is all!

Compare & contrast this against some other shorteners which make you stare at an entire screen of ads for 10 seconds or more, that is the only reason I charge for my service.

What exactly does “lifetime” mean?

One of the membership levels you can purchase is “lifetime” – that is, your short-url for that membership will never expire. It will remain active until the long link no longer works or until the service itself is discontinued. With one purchase, you’ve got a membership forever.

How can I manage my membership?

That’s done here – if you need to make a change to your URL’s or you’ve ordered a new membership, simply fill in this form to make the changes:

All fields of this form are required. Some will be auto-filled for you if you’re logged in.